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LLC Ugra Saw Mills

LLC Ugra Saw Mills

Ugra Saw Mills is one of the largest logging and sawing plant in Russia.

Today, commercial timber felling volume constitutes 600 000 m3/year; export sawn goods output 200 000 m3/year.

The company comprises four saw mills: Malinovsky, Zelenoborsky, Samzassky, and Torsky.

At the present moment, Ugra Saw Mills is introducing short log logging technology with use of harvesters VOLVO and forwarders Ponsse. In 2005, it purchased 12 sets of such equipment.

Sawn goods are produced at modern equipment S.A.B. (), drying process takes place in Vanicek kilns, grading is performed automatically at German equipment.

Integration of production processes and introduction of cutting-edge technologies for logging and sawing industries as a part of a regional investment project of wood industry facilities re-equipment, are the main factors of the companys economic growth. Increased rates of high quality sawn timber output allow to keep stable width=100% width=100% demand for products of Ugra Saw Mills at the world market.


Member companies

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